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Cellular Smart Watches Forecast (2016-2020)

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LG's VC100 3G Smartwatch will Compete with the Gear S

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LG to Launch 3G-Connected Smartwatch

lg 3g smartwatchA new gadget known as the LG VC100 has been spotted around the halls of the FCC, which might be the glimpse of first 3G-connect smartwatch by LG.

LG has listed it as a “smart watch with CDMA”, and there is no mention of whether the watch will belong to the G Watch family or it marks the birth of a new clan of smartwatches by the South Korean multinational electronics company.

Considering 3G connectivity, this standalone smartwatch is surely entering the arena as the recently announced Samsung Gear S smartwatch’s competitor.

If we take a look at the rudimentary image (below), it looks like a rectangular shape with fairly rounded corners. Also, it seems a touch smaller than the rival Gear S.

lg 3g watch fcc

The filing doesn’t mention if there will be a GSM variant on the loose soon. If we can extract anything from the filing, we can extract it from the model number which suggests that the VC100 might make its way to Verizon or Sprint in a CDMA variant. According to an unidentified source, the watch has been found listed in a database with other Verizon devices.

It’s not clear at this point what kind of hardware is under the hood, or what kind of software will it run. LG’s previous smartwatch, the LG G Watch runs Android Wear, but standalone smartwatches are currently not supported by Google’s platform.

FCC documents also suggest that there is a headset jack and a USB port, probably for charging the watch.

Does the idea of a 3G-connected smart watch-phone by LG fascinate you? Or would you prefer any of the companion smartwatches? Join the discussion by having your say in the comments below.

via LG’s VC100 3G Smartwatch will Compete with the Gear S.