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Researchers propose a way to use your heartbeat as a password | Computerworld

By |January 26th, 2017|Security, Sensors|

Patients’ electrocardiograph readings would be used as an encryption key to access their medical records.

Researchers at Binghamton State University in New York think your heart could be the key to your personal data. By measuring the electrical activity of the heart, researchers say they can encrypt patients’ health records.  
The fundamental idea is this: In the future, all patients will be outfitted with a wearable device, which will continuously collect physiological data and transmit it to the patients’ doctors. Because electrocardiogram (ECG) signals are already collected for clinical diagnosis, the system would simply reuse the data during transmission, thus reducing the cost and computational power needed to create an encryption key from scratch.

“There have been so many mature encryption techniques available, but the problem is that those encryption techniques rely on some complicated arithmetic calculations and random key generations,” said Zhanpeng Jin, a co-author of the paper “A Robust and Reusable ECG-based Authentication and Data Encryption Scheme for eHealth Systems.”

Those encryption techniques can’t be “directly applied on the energy-hungry mobile and wearable devices,” Jin added. “If you apply those kinds of encryptions on top of the mobile device, then you can burn the battery very quickly.”

But there are drawbacks. According to Jin, one of the reasons ECG encryption has not been widely adopted is because it’s generally more sensitive and vulnerable to variations than some other biometric measures. For instance, your electrical activity could change depending on factors such as physical exertion and mental state. Other more permanent factors such as age and health can also have an effect. 

“ECG itself cannot be used for a biometric authentication purpose alone, but it’s a very effective way as a secondary authentication,” Jin said.

While the technology for ECG encryption is already here, its adoption will depend on patients’ willingness to don wearables and on their comfort with constantly sharing their biometrics.


Google’s Project Soli: Radar Sensors read Finger Gestures

By |May 8th, 2016|Sensors|

Google’s Project Soli was one of the highlights of the company’s developer conference last year, but there’s been little news about it since then.

The technology uses special radar-sensors packed in a tiny chip to detect a person’s physical movements (such as rubbing two fingers together), letting a person do things like turn the volume up on a radio without actual touching anything. 

The recent news that Regina Dugan, the head of the Advanced Technology and Projects lab at Google that oversaw Soli, jumped ship to go work at rival Facebook, did not seem like a good sign for the future of Soli. And with Microsoft’s recent unveiling of similar technology, Google’s impressive product demo last year seemed like it might not make it out of the lab.

But it appears that Google is moving forward with the futuristic technology. 

Interest from commercial partners

A recent Google job posting seeking a software architect for the Soli effort notes that the technology has “attracted significant world-wide attention and interest from commercial partners,” and that Google is currently working hard to bring it to real world applications and devices.

The job posting also notes that the software architect will “drive and lead integration of Android Wear/Google Services with Soli technology.” 

separate posting for a Soli hardware engineer, also posted last week, cites responsibilities such as ” integrating Soli sensor into development platforms and proof-of-concept products.”

Meanwhile, FCC filings from earlier this year reveal that Google is continuing to distribute various test versions of the technology to third-party developers throughout the US. 

“Google continues to seek authority broad enough to allow testing of different chips, form factors, signal processing mechanisms, operating systems, and user interfaces and experiences for the Device and its new technology,” the filing reads. 

 Soli may not be ready for prime time yet, but Google does not appear to have given up on it. And with this year’s Google IO developer conference around the corner, the company may have more details to share about the product’s future.


Samsung Launches Tizen Wearable SDK for Gear S – Download Developers (Gear S)

By |October 24th, 2014|Consumer Wearables, News, Sensors, Standalone|

Further creating more possibilities for app developers, partners,
and consumers to provide enhanced wearable experiences


Berlin, Germany – September 4, 2014 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that the Tizen Software Development Kit (SDK) for the recently unveiled Samsung Gear S wearable device is now available for download at the Samsung’s Developer website: ​Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that the Tizen Software Development Kit (SDK) for the recently unveiled Samsung Gear S wearable device is now available for download at the Samsung’s Developer website: http://developer.samsung.com/samsung-gear. With the new Tizen SDK, a variety of applications for the Samsung Gear S are expected to be developed more actively by app developer community.


Go get Galaxy Gear S, Developers SDK for Gear S

 Samsung has been already working with a wide range of unique partners, to deliver an up-to-date smart wearable experience with Samsung Gear S through 3G connectivity for activities as diverse as fitness, shopping, social media, music, news, sleep management and more.

The Tizen SDK will allow developers to make the best use of the following features and APIs for the Samsung Gear S:

Enhanced Standalone Features: Network, call and location-based APIs to take advantage of the fact that the Samsung Gear S can connect directly to 3G networks without the need for a separate mobile device.

  • New Sensor APIs include:
    • Magnetic,
    • Ambient Light,
    • Barometer, and
    • UV sensor APIs
    • Accelerometer and
    • Gyroscope APIs.
  • Rich Notifications:   Create a variety of notifications for the Samsung Gear S.


Currently available Samsung Gear S apps include:


  • Air France (App): From purchasing tickets to checking-in and obtaining your boarding pass, you can do it all with your Samsung Gear S! This application allows Gear S users to easily book an airline ticket or check a flight’s status. And if you’re a Flying Blue member, you will save even more time of your time!


  • AXA (App): Feel protected 24×7 with personalized health notifications, reminders and content from AXA Health Application on your Samsung Gear S, to achieve a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.


  • Deezer (App): Control your playlist and album whilst listening to Music on Deezer with your Samsung Gear S.


  • EasilyDo (App): EasilyDo for the Samsung Gear S is the perfect companion to keep you organized and make sure you never miss anything. With powerful features that keep you on track with commute times, travel updates, bill pay reminders and more. With the Samsung Gear S, EasilyDo offers a better way to view information and execute tasks.


  • Endomondo Sports Tracker (App): Track your run, ride or other sport activity with your Samsung Gear S.


  • Engadget (App): Engadget is your ultimate destination for reviews, news and research from the world of consumer electronics. Engadget’s team of expert editors and columnists work passionately (some would say, obsessively) to bring you the best information about all gadgets, the science and technology behind them, as well as insider insights before the products are even in the market. The Engadget app for the Samsung Galaxy Gear S is powered by advanced text streaming technology from Spritz Technology, Inc., and delivers the definitive tech news you need instantly.


  • Expedia (App): At the airport? Your gate and terminal info is right up front. Picking up a car? Your confirmation number is waiting for you. Trying to find your hotel? Directions are a tap away with your Samsung Gear S.


  • Fast FT (App): Live news feed through your Samsung Gear S from the Financial Times combined with easy-reading technology from Spritz.


  • Fleksy (App): Fleksy is the most accurate, most beautiful keyboard in the world. Officially the Guinness World Record holder for fastest typing, it is now coming to the Samsung Gear S for fast, simple typing straight from your wrist. The Samsung Gear S app features a full Fleksy keyboard service, available to use in other installed apps and not limited to the Messenger app. It is also optimized in performance for the unique screen of the Samsung Gear S.
  • Glympse (App): Real-time and dynamic, Glympse is the easiest way to share your location with anyone using the Samsung Gear S. With the free Glympse app, there is no need to create an account or have your location continuously available – just set the duration and send. The new Glympse app for the Samsung Gear S is now optimized for the larger display, and also includes battery and performance updates for a better experience.


  • Golf NAVI (App): Golf NAVI is a standalone Samsung Gear S app that tracks your distance from the hole on 60,000+ golf courses globally. As an upgrade to the Gear 2 app, Golf NAVI will provide users with altitude and pin direction information along with map view features, without having to carry a smartphone.


  • Komoot (App): Outdoor Turn-by-turn Navigation for Samsung Gear S users, especially for mountain biking.


  • MapMyRun (App): MapMyRun, the top-rated fitness tracking application from MapMyFitness, a wholly owned subsidiary of UnderArmour is now available and customized for your new Samsung Gear S. It enables you to use the built-in GPS of your mobile device to track all of your fitness activities. Record your workout details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route traveled on an interactive map. Effortlessly save and upload your workout data to MapMyFitness.com where you can view and analyze workout data, and comprehensive workout history.


  • MarketWall (App): Real-time market quotes and analysis of stocks and shares directly on your Samsung Gear S.


  • MyMusicCloud (App): MyMusicCloud is the easiest way to sync your music, across all your devices – any computer, mobile phone, tablet, connected televisions and, now, Samsung Gear S. Offline music playback capabilities will be added in future releases.


  • NewsAce (App): NewsAce is a RSS Reader app specially designed with an intelligent auto swiping features that allow users to quickly find articles on your Samsung Gear S.


  • N-TV (App): Pushing Breaking News + 10 TOP News in several categories like Business, Politics, and Sport all through your Samsung Gear S.


  • PayPal (App): PayPal any time, send money, get alerts, check-in at stores to pay all directly through your Samsung

Gear S.


  • Runtastic (App): Runtastic uses GPS to map and track sports and fitness activities, such as running, jogging, biking and walking. Runtastic is now optimized for the Samsung Gear S, providing easier to read activity stats – in real time and directly on your wrist – during your workouts. Get your sweat on with Runtastic and Samsung today!


  • Scotiabank (App): Quick Balance on your Samsung Gear S allows you to check your balances for your preferred Scotiabank accounts right from your wrist.


  • Spritz (App): The new Spritz-powered apps have all been optimized for the Samsung Gear S by making them standalone applications that better utilize the additional vertical screen real estate on the watch to improve the reading experience. With Spritz on the Gear S, users can comfortably read all of their content on-the-go from a host of new publishing partners.


  • Suddeutsche Zeitung: Süddeutsche.de-App – Take great journalism with you wherever you go with your Samsung

Gear S.


  • Wunderlist (App + Rich Notifications): Manage your to-do lists with Wunderlist for your Samsung Gear S.


  • Dfinery (App – Watchface): With Dfinery, you can express your unique fashion sense on the Samsung Gear S with hundreds of premade watchfaces based on today’s most popular content or design and socialize your own watchface with our palette of animated and static backgrounds, clock hands and dials, fonts, biometric settings and much more.


  • VOGUE (App – Watchface): Vogue your wrist! Set your Samsung Gear S watchface to display the most gorgeous photographs from Vogue’s fashion collection. Choose using the color selection to match your fabulous outfit or just pick the loveliness that you want to rock today.


  • Band (Rich Notification): One Stop Group communication: Connect with those who matter!


  • ChargePoint (Rich Notification): ChargePoint is the largest network of electric vehicle (EV) charging with over 18,500 locations. ChargePoint notifications provide real-time info on an EV’s charging status. The rich notification on Gear S will conveniently inform drivers when their EV is fully charged along with the changes in power, and driver reservation status updates and reminders. As many people charge their cars at work, users can easily glance at their Samsung Gear S to get EV notifications during a meeting.


  • Facebook (Rich Notification): With the Samsung Gear S, Facebook is bringing rich notifications including status updates, comments, photo tags, check-in’s, and more, to your wrist.


  • Foursquare (Rich Notification): Foursquare for the Samsung Gear S provides a custom interface to help people find the best places nearby, without having to search for them. Whether you are exploring a new city or passing through your neighborhood, the Samsung Gear S will help you see through walls and find the best hidden gems nearby. You can see all of the information you need to know about a place before you stop by, including a photos, ratings, and contact information. And when you sit down at a new restaurant, your Samsung Gear S will let you know what’s great.


  • Hotel Reservation Service (Rich Notification): With the new HRS App for the Samsung Gear S, clients receive a notification on their Samsung Gear S as soon as the hotel room is available or when their reservation expires.


  • Inrix (Rich Notification): INRIX is the most accurate traffic, routing and road alert app that gives you control of your commute on your Samsung Gear S.


  • iPass (Rich Notification): iPass for the Samsung Gear S connects your wrist to more than 13 million hotspots around the globe through your Galaxy phone.


  • SolCalendar (Rich Notification): Never miss out your important events and keep tracking your goals with your Samsung Gear S.


  • SolMail (Rich Notification): Never be late in responding your important e-mails. Check your messages wherever you are with your Samsung Gear S.


  • The Score (Rich Notification): The Score is the ultimate, personalized mobile sports experience with comprehensive and customizable scores, stats, news, fantasy data, alerts & much more all accessible through your Samsung Gear S.


  • TripCase (Rich Notification): TripCase for the Samsung Gear S helps you stay connected with your trip details by delivering messages when you need them the most.


  • Umano (Rich Notification): With Umano for the Samsung Gear S your on-the-go news listening experience is even more convenient with wearable controls and notifications


** The services listed above may not be available in all regions and features may vary by region, and service provider may change the name and/or value of its application at any time. Restrictions may also apply.


For more information about Samsung Gear S, please visit http://www.samsungmobilepress.com/.

Download Gear S (UI Guidelines)



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MIT Graduates Invent Wearable Sensor Detecting Children's Head Injuries

By |September 8th, 2014|News, PRODUCT RUMORS, Sensors, StartUps|

The wearable sensor instantly alerts parents and coaches when a child receives a hard blow to the head that could cause a serious injury.

 The Jolt Sensor, founded by Ben Harvatine and Seth Berg, was originally an engineering lab project at MIT that was inspired by a concussion suffered by Harvatine during wrestling practice.  The condition was not immediately detected by doctors and became worse as Harvatine’s brain was exposed to additional impacts.

The duo realised this problem was prevalent among young athletes, who lack adequate sideline technology and medical personnel to identify and evaluate dangerous head impacts as soon as they happen.  “Through the ensuing hospital visits and months of recovery, the same thought kept crossing my mind – how could this have been prevented?” Harvatine said in his Kickstarter video.

“Many athletes like myself continue to play without realising they’ve been concussed, so there needs to be a way to alert parents, coaches and athletes of dangerous impacts as soon as they happen.”

The Jolt Sensor is a tiny 1.37in smart wearable clip that can be attached to any type of athletic headgear. The sensor vibrates to warn an athlete if it detects that the person’s head is accelerating in a potentially dangerous way.

The Jolt Sensor also makes use of Low-Energy Bluetooth technology to wirelessly send an alert to an accompanying iOS and Android smartphone app held by the parent or coach on the sidelines.  The technology enables information to be sent to devices that are up to 50m away, which means it is strong enough to be used on the pitch or court.  The sensor is waterproof and protected by soft silicone rubber. It comes with a micro-USB port and a battery that lasts several weeks on a single charge.

Jolt has just launched its Kickstarter campaign and has already had 132 backers pledge $11,840 (£7,129) within 24 hours, out of the $60,000 goal it hopes to achieve.


Backers will receive the Jolt Sensor if they pledge $75 or more and the startup hopes to ship the devices in April 2015. The wearable sensor instantly alerts parents and coaches when a child receives a hard blow to the head that could cause a serious injury.

via Two MIT Graduates Have Invented A Wearable Sensor To Detect Head Injuries in Children’s Sports | Wearable Technologies.