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Wearables Suite [WG v2.1], we keep your smartwatch focused, wearables startup’s and companies, UP TO DATE. And updated more than any other data source focused, in-depth in/on/the future, in which, the wearables industry currently ‘silently’ exploding with New, *PEBBLE* like, emerging million dollar venture companies, to be seen billion dollar valuations come the future 2020 and Beyond.

Our Database Gives Real Insight, Device References & Components, Suppliers, and Market Analysis sections,

Why Us?  Were 1 of 3 true 1st research analyst since IOT was 2 yrs away… 

With every Smartwatch ever listed, currently selling, rumored to be on sale, those one-hit wonders, crowdfunding failures, and histories smartwatches now mysteries. Every smartwatch to date our research and dev team spent over a year, scrutinizing, updating, formatting, and then cataloged and databased in a highly specified fashion for the most universal application (from 1-2 person startup projects to 200 to 50,000 staffed corportations)

Or you can fill out the detailed form below, and provide us with what exactly you or your project, company venture, or for whatever specifics, you can explain in full in the ‘general comments’ section, also if you choose not to provide information, please write ” N/A” in place of FAKE contact information, because we do contact submissions so we can help provide you with the most accurate and compiled data your project is looking for, in hopes we can aide in the Success of Your Wearables Venture.

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Expect to see our first launched, nationwide, consumer specific, yet HIGHLY advanced, cloud ran-smartwatch 3g/4g lte with mifi and gravity charged, constantly being fueled by sun and movement, no charging – in the public eye by mid-2015. @CES2015 .

The first public appearance of a Be Bold technologies, llc developed consumer product.  On another professional front, focused on wearables industry consulting in various fashions… Thus, significant interest with our long term and mid-high level clients, we provide in-depth consulting for, although we are unable to ‘name drop’ who we design, forecast, and direct due to contractual agreements made recently (We Wish We Could ‘Name-Drop’ Our Most Recent Large-Cap Contract, Would Provide us With Much Respected “Credibility”).


We prefer you request a consultation or explain your projects specifics – then we can tailor a HIGHLY-Targeted, Resource Filled, Competitors Analysis, Supplier Sources

(tried, true and Wearables Group, LLC spent years in building relationships with China, Korean, Thailand, other asian partners as well as European Sources …verified through our OWN highly-effective protocols; weeding out the ‘hidden wolf’ that would-otherwise, if gone forward without our knowledge and relationship with sources, many-a-startup has lost EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR FRESH BUSINESS with over 70% Finances lost within their first, unverified, trust-on-the-cuff transactions.