Wearable Devices

at Wearables Group we are focused on creating innovative technology to increase business efficiency, develop new business models, and improve people’s lives. We achieve this thanks to the development of Wearable Computing software based on the latest devices.

Google Glass

Groundbreaking augmented reality glasses that integrate what the user is seeing with virtual information.

Apple Watch

Smart watches are the ideal device to access relevant information quickly, as well as to monitor our activity and manage processes

Health Bands

They provide us with information about our bodies: heart rate, location, etc. They allow us to improve our health and exercise progress.

Hardware Platforms (IoT)

We design hardware devices to improve business and sports processes. We use different platforms such as Intel Edison or Meta Wear, as well as a great deal of sensors.

Smart Watches (Apple Watch, Gear S, Android Wear)

Smart watches are the ideal device to access relevant information quickly, as well as to monitor our activity and manage processes.

Oculus Rift

Completely immersive virtual reality glasses that recreate a very realistic 3D world. They are used fundamentally for video games, but also to treat conditions such as phobias.

Smart Glasses (Epson Moverio, Vuzix, etc.)

Smart glasses which are specifically focused on the business sector. They provide information in AR, live streaming, operational processes, and workplace safety.


Energy-saving devices based on Bluetooth technology that last up to four hours. They emit a signal which allows them to be identified and can be applied to the retail sector, hospitals, or positioning without GPS.

Smart Drones

Drones are small, non-manned vehicles. They can move by themselves or by remote control, even beyond the user’s field of vision.

Augmented Reality

Layers of information that are superimposed on our reality through cell phones, Tablets, or Smart glasses. They are used in logistics, for support in maintenance duties, tourism, and more.

Intelligent Clothing

These are ordinary pieces of clothing that will have useful functions for our work and our lives integrated into the material. They measure body temperature, heart rate, movement, and more.

Smart Rings and Jewellery

Technological devices associated with fashion that allow us to carry out simple actions that we repeat throughout the day (open doors, grant access to computers, etc.) and also to store personal information and communicate.

Mobility Apps(Android & iOS & Windows)

We develop applications for cell phones, Tablets, both for the business and the public sectors.


Myo motion control and gesture control armband bracelet uses arm muscle activity and EMG signals to control digital devices over Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy.

NFC wristband

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a wireless technology used to pay for items, manage information, open doors at hotels, and provide access to events.