Avg Price by Market

Number of Devices: 243 devices 66#
Average Price (USD): $357 USD 55#
Most Popular Component: Accelerometer 85#
#00000 100USD

Whats the Device Breakdown & Market Focus?

  • Entertainment104 Devices 
  • Fitness: 104 Devices 
  • Gaming: 17 Devices
  • Industrial: 19 Devices

  • Lifestyle: 147 Devices
  • Medical: 54 Devices
  • Pets Animals: 4 Devices
  • Total devices: 243 devices

Note: Some devices fall into more than one category.

The Ideal Wearable Device Includes


Device must be worn on the body throughout its use; it should not be carried.


Device must be controllable by the user; this could be done either actively or passively.


Device must augment knowledge, facilitate learning or enhance experience.


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Price Comparisons 

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