Compare a SmartWatch (professional)

Smartwatches are just beginning to receive mainstream attention. The emerging wearable computing market, in the form of smartwatches and smart glasses, has proven to developers and manufacturers that consumers are seeking to make data creation and consumption even more convenient than it already is.

What is a Smartwatch?

smartwatch or smart watch is a wearable computing device in the form of a computerized wristwatch. Early smartwatches had limited functionality and were able to perform elementary calculations and basic data storage and retrieval. Modern devices typically possess enhanced data processing functionality similar to a smartphone or tablet and are able to run mobile apps. Modern smartwatches also include specialty features such as bio-metric monitoring, GPS and mapping capability, and can even function independently as a smartphone. As components continue to shrink, the potential for what can be squeezed into these wrist-borne wearable computing devices is limitless.

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