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405, 2016

Houston: the World’s Largest Medical Center, There’s Still No Biotech—Yet

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205, 2016

ZTE Axon Watch does a pretty good Android Wear impression

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205, 2016

Omate Rise – World’s First Smartwatch 3.0

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The World's 1st Standalone SmartWatch available to Consumers The History of Omate Since 2013, Omate has been designing innovative wearable technologies that have been shipped out all over the World, from the World’s first standalone Smartwatch 2.0 powered [...]

1804, 2016

17 IoT Companies Using Artificial Intelligence Tech

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Funding dollars to Internet of Things startups jumped 31% in the first quarter of this year, compared to Q4’15. That was the second-highest total yet in a quarter. As industrial and business processes are more frequently [...]

1104, 2016

Pre-Product Development

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he pre-product development phase necessitates three important actions: Market Study (done by you), Feasibility Study and Intellectual Property (IP) Protection (both done by us). Our pre-development process Pre-project development encompasses the important work that needs [...]

1101, 2016

Medical Device Development

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Overview of Medical Electronics Electronic products are used extensively in the medical field. Some applications of medical devices in hospitals include diagnostics, treatment, patient monitoring and life support. Reliability and accuracy are the most important factors [...]

1601, 2015

Fitness Wearables Will Bounce Back From Smartwatch Threat, Says Gartner

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What’s the short term trajectory for fitness wearables? DOWN.     Analyst Gartner is projecting a dip in overall shipments next year, owing to overlapping functionality between different types of fitness wearables and because smartwatches are eating into their functionality (while [...]

1601, 2015

Apple pushes iOS 8.2 beta 4 to developers | 9to5Mac

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Apple pushes iOS 8.2 / beta 4 to developers Apple has released the fourth beta version of the upcoming iOS 8.2 software update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Previous builds include support for testing WatchKit apps [...]

1601, 2015

[CHART] Observed Values to B2B who Implement a Wearable Device

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1301, 2015

Gartner Says the Internet of Things Will Drive Device and User Relationship Requirements in 20 Percent of New IAM Implementations by 2016

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Gartner's 2015 Predictions Special Report Examines the Significant Impacts of the Evolution of Digital Business The Internet of Things (IoT) will drive device and user relationship requirements in 20 percent of new identity and access [...]

1101, 2015

Wearable band shipments set to exceed 43.2 million units in 2015 | Canalys

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Wearable band shipments set to exceed 43.2 million units in 2015 - Apple Watch to make up the majority of smart band shipments next year Palo Alto, Shanghai, Singapore and Reading (UK) – Wednesday, 10 [...]

1101, 2015

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Will Dominate The Smart Watch Market In 2015!

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) stunned the world once again on September 9 by launching its newest product, the Apple Watch. This is the Cupertino-based giant’s newest addition to its product line-up since 2009, when the first Apple [...]

1001, 2015

Farms & Ranchers see Google Glass' Potential for Wearable Technologies

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Going hands-free on kernel counts and image recognition It’s not a stretch to see how wearable devices will be used on farms—new technology such as Google Glass might make crop scouting much easier. A farmer [...]

701, 2015

The Evolution of Wearables: Whats Coming Next?

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By: Kasey Stanton 07 January 2015 It didn’t take more than a few minutes on the show floor at the 2014 International CES to realize that wearables were branching out far beyond wrist-wear. Over the [...]

1012, 2014

Financing & Investing: Entry into Wearables Technology is Prime (Q1 2015)

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Why the time is < STILL > right for tech Technology stocks have reached prices not seen since the “dot-com” boom of the 1990s. So are they headed for another crash? Not necessarily. Here’s why [...]

912, 2014

How to Invest in Wearable Technology, Apple's your Money Maker

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By MICHAEL A. ROBINSON, Defense + Tech Specialist, Money Morning • October 8, 2014 Short sellers have their knives out for GoPro Inc. And that's the least of the wearable sports camera maker's problems right [...]

812, 2014

Wearable Tech Stocks 2015: The Companies to Watch

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by DAVID ZEILER Wearable Tech Stocks 2015: Expect a lot of major developments in wearable technology this year as the big tech companies fight for turf in this rapidly growing market. BI Intelligence estimates that [...]

812, 2014

Flexible Display Growth Expected to Accelerate in 2015 [DisplaySearch blog]

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Flexible displays cover a wide variety of applications and form factors. Flexibility may refer to all, some, or only one attribute of the display application, manufacturing process, or materials used. We define flexible displays as [...]